For Reservations, please call 714.486.3798

or email your reservation information to

Reservation Types:


Make a reservation at the Plancha Table for an intimate experience with your Taquero Chef.  This is a multi-course meal where each item is cooked and prepared right in front of you at a communal table!  Any Size party can book at the plancha table.
You can call us for a reservation or book online HERE.

Taco Bar

The Taco Bar is an a la carte version of the "Plancha" experience.  No reservation needed; simply come and pull up an empty seat at the Taco Bar and our Taquero will serve you!

Dining Room and Patio

Call us to make a reservation for our dining room or our beautiful patio.  Here you will enjoy options from our standard menu.

Indoor and Outdoor Bar

No reservation needed, come pull up an empty seat at either bar and enjoy an amazing cocktail with your meal.